Felicitari, foarte frumoase.
Shelia Bennett(non-registered)
WOW! Was looking up Tarpon Springs in Flickr and was impressed with your photos! Do you use Photomatix? with HDR?
Madison Drums(non-registered)
Hey Mark,

I found your profile on flickr.com an really like your photographs!
Just go on like that!
Mikki Stacks(non-registered)
I must say I love your work very much. I am also a photographer from south carolina. I love finding old abandoned buildings to shoot. I was wondering about the locations in Asheville, NC. I was wondering if they are easy to get to or do you have to contact someone to get to the buildings?
Pamela Collins(non-registered)
Beautiful, I could look at them all night!
Loetta Arnold(non-registered)
Beautiful photographs
Saw you work on flickr and followed it here. Very Nice.
Great stuff.
Great Photos!
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